LifePlus Detox – Latest Up-date.

It’s nothing short of a miracle! I feel like my body is a machine.  Following on from the metabolic cure (detox) that I put myself and my long suffering husband through last November I would like to add that despite my peers objections neither of us has piled the pounds back on.  Ok, so you’reContinue reading “LifePlus Detox – Latest Up-date.”

Chicken Broccoli Burger

This tasty burger goes well with a mixed salad. My favourite is green salad with apple and walnuts and little balsamic lemon glaze*. The burgers can be prepared in advance and freeze nicely too. (*Not recommended if you are doing the metabolic cure, if you are doing the cure then make a mixed salad outContinue reading “Chicken Broccoli Burger”

Dear Detox Diary… The results are in!

I’ve just enjoyed my first detox free weekend (my husband calls it a “retox.”) There’s certainly some changes in my approach to food. First surprise of the new detoxed me is that I’m happy to stop at just one piece of chocolate instead of devouring the whole family sized bar. Second – I can onlyContinue reading “Dear Detox Diary… The results are in!”