LifePlus Detox – Latest Up-date.

It’s nothing short of a miracle! I feel like my body is a machine. 

Following on from the metabolic cure (detox) that I put myself and my long suffering husband through last November I would like to add that despite my peers objections neither of us has piled the pounds back on. 

Ok, so you’re probably musing that we’ve been extremely careful with our food intake and have been hitting the gym hard. I’d like to add here as a footnote that I always hit the gym hard – it’s part of my normal routine as you can imagine. However, when it comes to seasonal festivities I don’t hold back and neither does Mr. H. 

Akin to the rest of the world over December and January we enjoyed eating and drinking our way through to the New Year. I have to say I was a little nervous, a small voice (quite possibly my conscience) kept saying “don’t go undoing all that hard work.” Now to recap, as I’ve said in my previous posts, during the metabolic cure the body is given a new weight “set point.” This means that when you do indeed over indulged once in a while your weight wont fluctuate quite as badly and once you go back to your new way of eating the weight comes off very quickly.

Let me explain by taking you back in time to Christmas and New Year circa 2013… (Imagine wiggly screen and strange music here)

I piled it on during the holidays that year. January came and I went to my go to diet “Slimming World.” My weight had gone up to a whopping 72kg; I’d been 65kg the November before. That’s 7kg I put on in the space of 6 weeks and I know I’m not the only one who’s body is capable of doing that! I only need to sniff a mince pie to go adding on the pounds. It took me 3 months of dedication to take the weight back off again. 

Now, fast forward to December 2014. I certainly ate a lot of chocolate amongst everything else. My end weight after the metabolic cure was 60.5kg. I hopped on the scales again mid January and much to my surprise my weight was 63kg. I was preparing myself for a few weeks of careful eating to lose the access holiday weight. The good news! After only 3 days of returning to the sorts of foods I’d eaten during the detox all the weight came back off.

All the weight came back off after 3 days of returning to the foods I’d eaten during the detox!

To me that is nothing short of a miracle. For Mr. H it was nothing short of an annoyance as I spent the next ten minutes dancing around our apartment telling him how my body was a machine. 

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