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Specialist Personal Trainer Level 4

Personal Training

Back Pain Specialist

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Eating Behaviour Coach

Personal Training During and After Pregnancy


“Amazing Personal Trainer who helped me lose my post pregnancy weight as well as help me get my core back after C-section. Love the weight training and circuits she made for me with every time different so it wouldn’t be repetitive! Definitely recommend for both Pilates/yoga as well as weight loss training”

Sofia – Google Reviews

“Ive been working with Sarah for a few weeks now and already Im seeing results. She is very focussed and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and training. She goes out of her way to support you not only in pt sessions but also with nutritional advice. Ive enjoyed my challenges and look forward to the next round”

Alison – Google Reviews


PT Level 4 with 10 years experience in the industry, personal training, weight loss, yoga & pilates, ante-natal, pain management, exercise GP referral specialist, cardiac conditions, spine conditions, obesity and diabetes, back pain & rehabilitation.

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If you have any questions on supplements let me know! They can be a great tool to help you achieve your goals.