Mindfulness Meditation – Weeks 8 & 9

And finally! After weeks of learning and frustration here I am: a fully-fledged, newfound meditator. Despite being a yogi, regular daily meditating was something I found really tough to do. I would sit there thinking, “how can someone – anyone – spend longer than ten minutes doing this?” Urgh, it’s excruciating. And then to actuallyContinue reading “Mindfulness Meditation – Weeks 8 & 9”

Mindfulness Meditation Week 6 & 7

My sixth week was a little shaky but my teacher, Fran, tells me this was to be expected. She explains that, like a marriage, the honeymoon period is now over, the sparkle of the wedding day is a long distant memory and, although you’re still very much in love with your meditation, the novelty hasContinue reading “Mindfulness Meditation Week 6 & 7”

A Meditation Breakthrough!

I have a breakthrough and I am thoroughly impressed. I believe that my memory has improved although not in the way I expected. My biggest want would be to be able to leave the house with all the personal belongings I require for the day ahead. Mobile phone, car keys, house key, glasses, prescription sunglasses,Continue reading “A Meditation Breakthrough!”

8 Minute update, Naked Sound Meditation

I think I’m on week 3 of the 8 minute, 8 week meditation course from the book by Victor Davich. Apparently it improves your memory amongst other fabulous treats… I believe I am yet to receive this benefit. Let me check the book, yes, it’s most certainly week 3 and this is reaffirmed to meContinue reading “8 Minute update, Naked Sound Meditation”