A Meditation Breakthrough!

I have a breakthrough and I am thoroughly impressed. I believe that my memory has improved although not in the way I expected. My biggest want would be to be able to leave the house with all the personal belongings I require for the day ahead. Mobile phone, car keys, house key, glasses, prescription sunglasses, yoga mats, blocks, lip salve, the list goes on… ah purse, a purse would help, oh and the damned swipe card to get back into the car park. My long suffering husband will tell you that morning times for me include various trips up and down our tiresomely slow lifts as I jog backwards and forwards collecting my neglected personal belongings, only to misplace the ones I’ve just had in my hands. ARGH!

So, this is still an ongoing saga.

However, this week I have started my Pilates teacher training with the lovely Caroline Leon at Exhale Studio in JBR. I love learning, I think being the eternal student is fast becoming my favourite pastime.  I remember during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (see I actually do remember some stuff) I would quite often go into class and during the re-cap at the start of every day fellow classmates would reel off the answers to Erica’s questions, time lining yoga history perfectly. I had to study hard, had to write out important dates and names several times before the information stuck, going over and over my notes.

Imagine my surprise this week! Oh how things have changed. This is the good bit.

We read through the history of Joseph Pilates, just once in class. That evening when I went home my dearest mother (visiting from the UK) asked how things had gone. I started telling her all about Joseph Pilates, when and where he was born, how he’d studied as a young boy, his time in the UK during the war. There I was reeling off facts and dates. I couldn’t believe it was my voice. From reading through something once I’d retained all that information.

This led me to experiment, before I did my studying I did my meditation. It made me feel like there was more space for new information to go in. It’s like having a good clear out of your filing system or de-fragmenting your PC. My meditation teacher Fran says this is most certainly a result of daily meditation, it improves concentration so when you study more information will be processed.

Needless to say I now love meditation. Now where did I put my phone…?

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