Meditation Update.

I have very exciting news! I’ve noticed my first benefit of meditation.

I usually grab lunch on the go, well not even on the go as such. I usually grab lunch and rush through eating it as a billion thoughts go through my mind checking off my internal ‘To Do List.’ I’m not really eating dinner, I’m stuffing food into my body while I run through the check list in my head. Sometimes I’m not even sure I’ve tasted the food I’ve just prepared and the consequences that arise end in indigestion medication being bought and taken. No one else knows I give myself this to do list, but I assure you it’s there buzzing away – or at least it was.

Last week I discovered I have a different internal pace. Externally I still function at the same speed but internally I’ve slowed right down. I sat down for my lunch and as I was taking my first bite I told my mind ‘not now.’ I was able to switch it off and concentrate on eating. It sounds such a simple task and maybe it’s something that you are doing anyway but for me it feels like a milestone, a beginning to change, maybe an end to stress and anxiety altogether. What it did bring home to me is just how busy my mind was before and how something as simple as our thoughts can cause our bodies to go into stress overdrive.

As I embark into week 4 I feel refreshed, eager and happy. I’m looking forward to more benefits and enjoying the ones already present.

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