A review of “Yoga for the back – Dr. Sharma” hosted by Jaya Goyal Kumar

I was very impressed, very impressed indeed. When my dear friend Jaya invited me to her very first Ayurveda, Pranayama & Yoga Therapy Workshop I was somewhat dubious. Ah… I think I can hear some of you cringing here. Don’t get me wrong I love yoga, I love the physical aspects of it, I evenContinue reading “A review of “Yoga for the back – Dr. Sharma” hosted by Jaya Goyal Kumar”

Exciting Ayurveda Workshops here in Dubai

Integrated workshops on Ayurveda, Yoga for back and neck, and Pranayama with  Dr Ghanshyam Sharma M.D. (Ayurveda), D.Y.T. (Diploma in Yoga Therapy) Preventive Physician and Yoga Therapist, India   DETAILS OF THE WORKSHOPS (optional – since it is already there in the flyer attached) Date: 2nd-6th May Timings: 10am-5pm Venue: Balance Wellness Centre, Oasis CentreContinue reading “Exciting Ayurveda Workshops here in Dubai”

Mindfulness Meditation – Weeks 8 & 9

And finally! After weeks of learning and frustration here I am: a fully-fledged, newfound meditator. Despite being a yogi, regular daily meditating was something I found really tough to do. I would sit there thinking, “how can someone – anyone – spend longer than ten minutes doing this?” Urgh, it’s excruciating. And then to actuallyContinue reading “Mindfulness Meditation – Weeks 8 & 9”

Mindfulness Meditation Week 6 & 7

My sixth week was a little shaky but my teacher, Fran, tells me this was to be expected. She explains that, like a marriage, the honeymoon period is now over, the sparkle of the wedding day is a long distant memory and, although you’re still very much in love with your meditation, the novelty hasContinue reading “Mindfulness Meditation Week 6 & 7”

A Meditation Breakthrough!

I have a breakthrough and I am thoroughly impressed. I believe that my memory has improved although not in the way I expected. My biggest want would be to be able to leave the house with all the personal belongings I require for the day ahead. Mobile phone, car keys, house key, glasses, prescription sunglasses,Continue reading “A Meditation Breakthrough!”

8 Minute update, Naked Sound Meditation

I think I’m on week 3 of the 8 minute, 8 week meditation course from the book by Victor Davich. Apparently it improves your memory amongst other fabulous treats… I believe I am yet to receive this benefit. Let me check the book, yes, it’s most certainly week 3 and this is reaffirmed to meContinue reading “8 Minute update, Naked Sound Meditation”