A review of “Yoga for the back – Dr. Sharma” hosted by Jaya Goyal Kumar

I was very impressed, very impressed indeed.

When my dear friend Jaya invited me to her very first Ayurveda, Pranayama & Yoga Therapy Workshop I was somewhat dubious. Ah… I think I can hear some of you cringing here. Don’t get me wrong I love yoga, I love the physical aspects of it, I even get down and groovy with the philosophy. However, Ayurveda has always been a little bit lost on me, as too has Yoga Therapy; a dark arts perhaps? For example, my first introduction to the Doshas was a complete disaster; my fellow YTT classmates will tell you I nearly had a nervous breakdown. My mind is a logical one (I can now hear my husband roaring with laughter at that statement), I like to be able to back up my yoga principles with modern science. That said I was more than ready to dip my little yogi toes into traditional medicine once more.

Dr. Sharma started the days learning with the chanting of prayers, this was to focus our minds and bring us together. I’m rubbish at chanting Sanskrit so I humbly closed my eyes and let my ears become absorbed with the mesmerising sound. With the chanting complete and my mind open, Dr. Sharma got straight into anatomy and physiology. YES! My comfort zone (big smiles all around.) He explained all aspects of back and spine anatomy, the various muscular layers and nervous system. He built on this learning with detailed accounts of common back pain then layered it all with yoga therapy principles. I was in awe. He took us through some very simple to do sequences for lower back pain and then upper back pain. Coincidently, my back was in pain that very day (oh how the planets align sometimes) and I have to say, afterwards, my back felt wonderful. More importantly to me though, everything was backed up by modern day science.

All in all, I enjoyed myself, I enjoyed learning from a well educated, humble person and I wish I’d had more time to attend the other days given as I have much more to learn. Deep down I know that Yoga is a very powerful practice, though I feel I am only scratching the surface. Deeper down still I feel that although modern day science plays a part – some things just can’t be explained and simply have to be believed.

(For further information, or to register for any of the workshops, please contact: jaya@yogaspaceme.com Details on YOGASPACE Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yogaspaceme)

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