Dear Detox Diary…

I had all the best intentions of writing a short daily blog, but alas life got in the way. I am now a week into the Metabolic Cure (not a diet, we’re not allowed to use the D word). It’s a month long programme that re-sets all the nastiness we have done to our bodies over years of pumping it with too much sugar. The eating plan (not the d word) is doubled up with Lifeplus supplements to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need while your body burns fat. Now that statement is the big deal for me, this cure claims that you will burn away fat not muscle even though you are eating only 500-800 calories (the magic number of fat loss apparently) and you will not feel hungry. Sounds like a dream I thought, so here I am.

To recap:


While I was waiting for my supplements to arrive so I could get going these were two days that I was very much looking forward to. It was a battle of wills to consume an inhuman amount of food; I managed around 5000 calories on both days. The reason for this is to kick start the hypothalamus into overdrive making it into a fat burning machine. Most important was to load up on good fats; oils, nuts, nut butters, salmon, and avocado. I thought it was going to be easy but by day two I didn’t want to see anymore food. I felt disgusted with myself for cramming so much in and was very much looking forward to the rest of the month. The healthy fat consumption would help with the appetite suppression over the next 21 days (yes, the detox part is over 21 days as it takes this amount of time for the body to form a new habit).


Days 3 & 4 were much needed after the loading, I did feel sluggish, tired and headachy though – but not hungry! In fact I haven’t had any real hunger pangs all week. I felt a little light headed one morning but a midmorning green apple sorted that out. All in all I’ve felt more alert and have been sleeping like a baby.


Hubby and I both work pretty long hours (mostly passing like ships in the night) so cooking meals is always a real pain. However!! (I’m stoked about this bit) With a bit of careful planning on my side (gold star and halo please) it’s actually been real easy. There are two Life Plus shakes, breakfast and night time so all we had to worry about was lunch and dinner, two meals a day of lean meat or fish with certain salad items or vegetables. No cooking with oils though, they’re on the banned list – electric non-stick grill at the ready then! Meat is frozen into portion sizes for the week and just slapped on the grill as and when. That said, our first lunch was a disaster, tuna salad, I’m sorry but I just can’t eat Tuna without a heap of mayo.  Dinner was better, bolognaise with err broccoli. I’m now getting pretty inventive with the meals as I do find time to cook at the weekend (not being hungover helps) and I will post up some of my inventions so you can try 🙂


We’ve both lost just over two kilograms in the first week! And it appears that its fat rather than muscle with my Body Fat % coming down to 22% from 25%. I’ve lost two inches from my hips and waist which I was very surprised about and hubby has done well too losing an inch from his chest and waist.

All in all we’re most pleased with week one as we venture into week two! At this rate by the end of the month you won’t be able to see me when I stand sideways.


3 thoughts on “Dear Detox Diary…

  1. Hi Sarah, Emma told me all about your detox this morning after class. I am ready to try it. I would appreciate it if you could please post the link for the supplements so that I can order them. Thanks so much.

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