Dr Ghanshyam Sharma is coming back!

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YogaSpace will be hosting two wonderful courses in May with Dr Ghanshyam Sharma of Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute in India. Dr Sharma is a renowned Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic doctor, Physio-therapist and senior faculty at Kaivalyadham.

YogaSpace Summer Courses:

  • Kumbakha (Pranayama) Level 1 – May 16,17,18
  • Yoga Therapy Level 1 – May 19,20,21

Each course has 3 levels split into three 3-day modules spread over the next few months.

Level 1 begins in May. Levels 2 and 3 will be later this year (Sep/Oct)

Course Fee is AED1800 per course for each level (discounted to AED5200 if paid in advance for all 3 levels) However, you can avail of the early bird price of AED1500 per course per level (or AED4500 for all 3 levels) by paying before March 20th. After completion of all levels, participants will be tested and certified to apply the principles of Pranayama and Yoga Therapy safely on their students and patients.

These courses are open for regular Yoga practitioners, healers and energy workers, Ayurvedic practitioners/doctors and Yoga Teachers. The programs delve deep into the topics of Breath work, Energetics and the advanced practice of Pranayama as well as Yoga Therapeutics.


Jaya Goyal Kumar

Founder | Yogaspace

M: +971 55 805 7415

W: http://www.yogaspaceme.com

Facebook: facebook.com/yogaspaceme

Twitter: @yogaspaceme

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