Artists and Inspirations

I had the amazing opportunity to meet two fabulous artists this week. One is the very delightful Lynessa Clemente founder of Lynspirations – her truly beautiful hand crafted jewellery. Lynessa hand makes the paper beads using magazines, brochures or left over wrapping paper, any paper she can get her hands on really! She will even tell you what magazine she used to make your bespoke piece. I bought several items, one was made from a real estate advert another from Homes magazine. I spotted a super bright creation, this was made from a comic strip! Every paper bead is time consumingly wrapped to create its shape then glazed for a lasting effect. I love Lynessa’s designs and individuality.

My other inspiration this week is the Graphic Artist Sasan Sam Nasernia. He has taken the leap from Graphic Art to Acrylics with an astonishing outcome. His canvases are bold and unique, a mix of graphics with modern calligraphy painting. Have a look at his work here

That said, I have an acrylic painting class booked this week… after meeting such great artists I feel very inspired indeed. I’ll be sure to post up my efforts even if they aren’t all that good 😛 wish me luck.


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