“I look forward to seeing Sarah, she is the highlight of my week. I’ve already noticed changes in my strength and overall wellbeing in such a short time from her programme. I highly recommend her.” – Ayesha

“Sarah is of full of life, and spirit, her energy is what yoga is all about. Sarah’s classes are challenging, entertaining, and beautiful. I leave sweaty and smiling.” – Julianne

“I am new to yoga and glad I met Sarah, who got me started in a gentle way. Sarah intuitively creates a great chemistry in the sessions, making them fun and comfortable, and easy to follow. But still, my muscles are wonderfully sore the next day. It works!! Thank you.” – Luiz Panchihak

“I’d rather self immolate than step foot in a gym so I guess you can quote me as saying I enjoy yoga.” – My beloved husband

“I’ve had the pleasure of training with Sarah for over a year now. She is more than energetic and motivated; her ability to use applied knowledge to better serve her clients is among the best. She will work with you, and for you, to help in the quest to achieve your best personal practice. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She will take you on the exercise ride of your life– and you will be better for it.” – Britt B

“Thank you for the kick-ass yoga flow! Go urban yoga.” – Jeyla

“Sarah possesses an enthusiasm that literally burns fat away; try!” – Ani

“Sarah is… professional, organized, and a proficient communicator with a passion for yoga, healing and wellness.” – Erica Blitz: Inquire + Inspire School of Yoga.

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